Poetry by Marco

100% original poetry by me :)


I’d like to take the knife you left in my back
And casually slit your through with it

Dolled up for the day heading out for the night
Make sure your sleeves are long enough to lie

Cupped hands over ears balled on the floor
Stop… Stop… Please

I’m more alone than you could ever imagine
But worse than being alone I’ve found myself lonely

The light at the end of my tunnel is nothing more than a fire
I can’t wait for my travels to burn away

Forks and spoons have become my guns
If I put it in my mouth the trigger will pull

Can’t ask questions, can’t decide on panic
The best action is no action. Let it be. Let it be. Let it be.

A golden girl a golden age
Notes not to be read on a blood soaked page
And one day it will end, one day they will say
That story never finished, such a shame, such a shame


I’m so sorry
I can’t help myself anymore
I know my words will one day hurt
But I can’t say what for
I speak
To all those who once loved
I think it’s time to disappoint no more
To free this aching dove
And there will be love
But there will be blood
And it’s time for me to exit the stage
The crowd has gone asleep
I’m performing on my own
No strings to hold me up on the page
For the longest time
I thought I was dying
But now I know I’m already dead


Scared of living
Scared of dying
Forever in my own limbo
Forever trying to decide
Whether to stay
Or whether to die


I love my mask
That is glued to my face
Painted on smile
Painted happiness
Hides all my tears
Everything is okay

Hands Held High

I’d like to die today,
Or at least I think I do.
The words are somewhat true,
or at least they seem profound.
I’d like to make it better,
But the scaffolding and pain,
Just gets re-arranged,
And life ain’t gonna turn around.
I think I care for those
That I can’t seem to touch.
I think I’ll never have that crutch,
On which I wish that I could lean.
I’d hate to let you down,
Against all of my best wishes.
The sink is full of dirty dishes,
And they ain’t ever getting cleaned.
So my last request before I leave
Remember me for what I was
Not what I am
The happy man
Not the one who killed that man
The one with the smiling face
And gentle hand
Please don’t be mad…


Lie all day in bed,
Wish I was dead.
As long as I’m not here,
I could be anywhere.
Emotions decayed,
Wish that they stayed.
They’ve all gone away,
Perusing better days.
Breathing will stop,
Heart rate will drop,
Confusion sets in,
Cleanse my sin.
Time took its toll,
Feeling grow old.
I’ve had time to pretend,
But my heart cannot mend.

My Best Friend

This is the story of my friend,
I’ve known him since we were young.
There was no separation,
I can tell he had his fun.
He’s more comforting then any one,
Can’t picture me without.
An if he’s not there with me,
My heart begins to doubt.
Sometimes what he does scares me,
Sometimes I get ashamed
But he’s been here for my whole life,
And for him I’ll do the same.
Some say he’s a bad influence,
He showed me his new friends,
Like the razors and the rubber bands,
Almost lead me to the end.
My friends say I don’t need him,
But they don’t know him like me.
I know I need to leave him,
I guess we’ll wait and see.
But he’s always oh so comforting,
And makes me want to cry.
I have a friend named sadness,
And I just can’t say goodbye.

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Average Day

Wake up

Hit snooze

Go to sleep

Wake up

Get out of bed

Go to bathroom

Take shower


Brush Teeth

Get Dressed

Eat Breakfast

Put on bracelet

put on another




that’s good

Take pills

put on smile

Walk to bus stop

Make bus

Get off bus

go to school


Get an A

Pills wear off

People notice

Take another

Eat Lunch

Get a B

Fall asleep in class

wake up

go to practice

go home

take off jacket

take off bracelets

take off smile

Go to your bed


try to stop thinking



Try to stop crying

cry anyway







Get urges

try and fight urges

urges win


cut more

cut again

and again


wash off blood

take a shower

look in the mirror


put on bracelets

eat dinner

watch tv

go to bed


close eyes


pray you don’t wake up in the morning


Cogs in my head have rusted
From the tears that I have shed
Haven’t functioned right in so long
That I might as well be dead
When I’m awake I’m half asleep
When I’m asleep, my life dismissed
Trying simply doesn’t cut it
So instead let’s try the wrist
To put it simply I like sleep
You’re not dead yet don’t exist
Yet in my heart I know if I was
I surely would not be missed
I hate the face in the mirror
It makes me want to cry
That ugly, sick, child
Would be better if he died
I wake up eyes all glossy
Unable to awake
At least in my dreams I’m happy
Not sad, lonely, fake.
And now everyone is worried
But don’t act like that you care
If something tragic never happened
You wouldn’t even be here.